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What we value


We are a reletively large fellowship, therefore we try to emphasize small groups and building good relationships. Nothing makes a place like home than the love of people, to whom you can always come back. We all need a place to share both joys and sorrows. We cannot take the place of anyones natural family, however, because God is our heavely Father, we understand our relationships to each other as brothers and sisters. Therefore we try to receive everyone in the same way as God would receive us.

Understanding the diversity

​We want to be church where people of any age feel comfortable. Mutual respect and readiness to perceive others´diversity are the key elements for reaching this goal. The same goes for diversity in a cultural and social area.


​In spite of the fact that our faith has got its roots in the old texts of the Bible, which brings utterly timeless message, we want to be contemporary church. We don´t want to burden anybody with old fashioned traditions and cultural habits of previous generations, which don´t fit into today´s world and thus lead to misunderstanding.


​We want to be people pleasing God. The relationship with God is the most precious thing/ gift, we have as Christians. It includes the desire to get to know God better, learn from him and listen to what he wants to speak to us. The basic instrument for communication with God is the Bible together with our decision to exalt God in our lives and set our hearts on him.


Voluntary service​

We try to be active.We want to take part in building the church according to our capability. God has gifted us with qualities and abilities, which we can use for building His kingdom. There is no need to prove God or people our abilities via deeds. It´s about the joy welling up from opportunity to share God´s intention here and now on the Earth and focusing on the eternity rather than everyday routine /work.​

Sharing the Gospel

​We are ready to share our faith with other people. Christian message is powerful and our God is wonderful. He let us experience his love and changed our lives. We don´t want to keep this joy and faith only for ourselves. We would like to present God through our lives, so that other people can get to know God such as he is.


Pavel Harabus


Zoltán Édes

Youth Pastor


Tomáš Mikuš

Youth Pastor


Martin Kučera

Church Elder


Karel Hauptman

Church Elder


Nelly Musilová

Pastor pro mládež a starší sboru

The life of the church isn´t limited by Sundays and church services. We make efforts to make a space for small cell groups, where people can build close relationships and focus on a variety of topics.

Some of the home cell groups are targeted at Bible study. Other ones are focused on prayers, talking about the faith with people wanting to learn more about Christianity. 

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