ATTENTION!! From now on until further notice will be only one ONLINE Sunday service at 10:00AM.

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What is the church?

The word church means a gathering of people who believe in Jesus Christ. A church is not a building, a place or a complex set of rules and behaviours. A church can be anywhere where there is a Bible and those who believe in Christ. 

We would like to form a church in a very simple way, because Christianity in its nature is very simple. It is based on the message that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to redeem us from the influence of sin. Sin is a faliure to live up God´s standards. It deforms our character and leads to all kinds of misery. For this reason we see hope for every person in the Christian message. God wants to forgive everyone who seeks forgiveness. He wants to restore those who need renewal in their life, and He desires that every perosn would find a loving relationship with his or her Creator.

Come visit us

The second Sunday service is translated into English

We want you to enjoy visiting our church and at the same time to experience a worthwhile moments. If you have never been to church before and would you like to form an opinion of the Christian faith, come and see our services open to the public. We are the fellowship of people who came to believe in Jesus Christ and we know that it has been the best decision in our life. If you´d be interested to hear more we would love to share our stories about life with God.

Are you interested in talking?

Definitely we aren´t able to answer all of your questions, but we are ready to explain what is Christianity about and how we became Christians.

We would like to pull down barriers and break down prejudice usually connected with faith. We do believe  that it is worthwhile to seek answers to vital questions and you can find it helpful to ask people, who have their personal expericence with God.